The first multidisciplinary course in neuroncology will be held on 28 and 29 June at Humanitas: an opportunity to meet, train and update all the professionals who daily deal with malignant brain diseases.

The course, organized by Prof. Federico Pessina, Head of the Surgery Section of the Basicranium of the Oncological Neurosurgery Unit of Humanitas, in collaboration with the Director of the Cancer Center, Prof. Armando Santoro and the Director of the Neurocenter, Prof.ssa Michela Matteoli, will focus on the framework and integrated treatment of the most frequent intracranial malignancies: gliomas and brain metastases.

The multidisciplinary approach of Humanitas

The idea comes from the multidisciplinary approach that distinguishes the management of cancer patients at Humanitas, transferring them to the course itself: the different sessions will be alternated by different specialists, who will offer specific skills, both from a clinical and scientific point of view.

The collaboration between Cancer Center and Neuro Center in concert with a national and international faculty of great prestige, lays the foundations for an event of the highest profile.

The course is intended to be the first of a three-year cycle, aimed at constant updating in the field of brain tumor diseases.