Hernia is the degeneration of an inter-vertebral disc. It is not problematic in itself, but it may be if the hernia pushes on the nerve root and induces the symptoms.

Doctor Stefano Respizzi, Director of the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Department at Humanitas, spoke about the herniated disk and back health in an interview to the Radio24 radio broadcast “Cuore e Denari” (“Heart and Money” in Italian, NDT).


Can Discopathy Cause Hernia?

Discopathy is a suffering of an inter-vertebral disc, a little shock absorber located between two vertebrae and rich in water. During the years discs tend to dehydrate and consequently suffer: this is a natural process that does not cause problems. A disc with a discopathy or a protrusion does not necessarily end up with an hernia.


Healthy Intervertebral Discs

It’s important to moisten the aging discs properly, and it is also important that the spinal column be dynamically supported by muscles. One should pay attention to the body overload, so one should avoid excess weight and overexerting. Even though it may not look like it, driving a car 300 km configures as overexerting: if possible, move by train. Those who have no alternatives and whose job requires for them to drive for hours on end, have to keep a good muscle tone in deep abdominal muscles (both transverse and oblique), lower back muscles, and dorsal muscles. This way, they can support their spinal column the right way, Professor Respizzi explains.