Diagnostic services and specialist visits by Humanitas Medical Care for students of the Accademia della Scala in Milan.

The Humanitas hospital has activated an agreement with discounts for students of the School of Dance, the heart of the Academy that for over 200 years has been preparing and training professional dancers ready to go on stage.

An initiative – created to direct young dancers towards a screening programmer, so as to guarantee them a full development of their psycho-physical wellbeing – which has also involved other Milanese hospitals, including the Centro Cardiologic Monzino, the Centro Diagnostico Italiano, the Bracco Foundation and the San Paolo Hospital.

Piermarini’s students attend the School of Dance from 11 to 18 years old; eight fundamental years in an age that coincides with crucial moments of growth and development, both physical and character. A commitment, given the physical and psychological effort, which is compared to that of the highest athletes at the competitive level.