In the past few weeks following the peak of the pandemic, when the numbers of Covid-19 inpatients were steadily declining, Humanitas Research Hospital in Rozzano shifted its focus from emergency response to proactive planning. While Pr. Alberto Mantovani, Humanitas Scientific Director is leading the prolific basic and clinical research in infectious diseases relying heavily on artificial intelligence, Humanitas clinicians and engineers have constructed a novel modular hospital wing on the premises of the flagship Hospital in Rozzano, in order to house possible second-wave Covid-19 patients, as well as patients affected by other potential infections.

The 3,000 m² structure, designed to maintain negative pressure, is a self-sufficient hospital, featuring an independent emergency department (ER), intensive and sub-intensive care units (ICU), operating rooms, wards, and diagnostics. Thanks to its modular design, the Hospital was constructed in only 11 weeks and will offer higher flexibility to clinicians in the future. Humanitas Group President Gianfelice Rocca, Scientific Director Pr. Alberto Mantovani, Head of ER Antonio Voza, and Head of ICU Pr. Maurizio Cecconi, as well as the Lombardy Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera and the Archbishop of Milan Monsignor Mario Delpini inaugurated the Emergency Hospital 19 last Friday, July 24th.