A day dedicated to innovation and technology in the world of Health Care: this is Wired Health – Innovation for Life, on 13 March at BASE in Milan.

The magazine Wired Italia, on paper and online – by now a point of reference for technologies and innovation – with the scientific collaboration of Humanitas offers a day of conferences, exhibits, start ups and networking for experts and non experts in the sector on the occasion of the Milan Digital Week.

Wired Health, the story of digital health with the experts of Humanitas

Wired Health is a project of Wired Italy in which Humanitas collaborates as a scientific partner that aims to tell the public at large, as well as professionals, the innovations and the most recent and relevant trends that are at the intersection of medicine, digital technologies and new lifestyles.

Guests of the event not only Italians but also experts from all over the world of “digital health”, who in a plenary session will inform the public with the main trends and cases. In addition to conferences and debates, an interactive exhibition section will present some of the most interesting startups, solutions and research in the field.

Themes of the event

Starting with digital health, many issues are addressed in the various keynote speeches, panels and interviews: These include Smart Technologies & Artificial Intelligence applied to health – for instance in diagnostics or in the development of new drugs, up to the optimization of business processes and workflows – Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity & Health Data, VR & AR for the surgical sector; and also remote assistance and training, From IoT to IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) & Wearables, Exoskeletons and robotics, Genomics and personalised medicine, Telemedicine and patient care.

In particular, Prof. Alberto Mantovani, Humanitas Scientific Director and lecturer at Humanitas University, will illustrate the new frontiers of research for the fight against the cancer, starting from the challenge of immunotherapy, which today cannot be separated from analysis tools based on computational biology and, in perspective, on artificial intelligence; Prof. Maria Rescigno, principal investigator at the Laboratory of Mucosal Immunology and Microbiota Humanitas and lecturer at Humantas University, will talk about human microbiota and new immunotherapy approaches based on bacteria as immunostimulants; finally, Prof. Maurizio Cecconi, Head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at Humanitas, as well as lecturer at Humanitas University, will illustrate the future of Artificial Intelligence and Intensive Care.

These are just some of the presenters who will attend Wired Health, an event created to reach insiders, scientists, professionals, decision makers but also students and researchers who want to be updated on how the Internet is transforming the health sector, from its business models to technological solutions, from the frontiers of research to the choices of patients, consumers and citizens.

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