Putting patients at the core of a precise and rigorous service, employing high-level professionals and only using cutting-edge materials: these are the main elements of the new “DNA” of the Odontology Center at Humanitas, that gets updated starting from the name (New Dental Center).

Doctor Luigi Pellegrino, clinic representative for the new structure said: “The patient is the starting point of our service. We want them to be listened to, and the proposed care plan should take into consideration their real needs (aesthetic, functional, etc); to do this we offer a first examination that is precise, accurate and complete with a radiological survey: the latter is the means by which I suggest to each patient their care plan and the professionals of our team with which the patient should consult to obtain the best possible result”.


Innovations and Services

There will be visits for three days a week: “This increased availability in the schedule guarantees a better listening to the patient, to whom we may devote more time than before. We created a dedicated staff to welcome and accommodate patients and to care for the administrative management of paperwork: they are hospital-admission workers that will work as a link between doctors and patients. For what pertains to spaces, we also created an additional office in order to give the patient a dedicated, private place where to ask for advice, estimates and care plans”.

Our team is able to offer every speciality in dentistry: oral hygiene, oral surgery, implantology, orthodontics, and prostheses.

“We reinforced orthodontics, with a specialist available once a week, in order to reduce waiting times and to meet patients’ requests. In addition to the traditional braces to realign teeth, we now have Invisalign, the innovative transparent braces that work like normal braces but are invisible and can be easily removed even for a few minutes”, the doctor explains.

Implantology has been entrusted to doctor Stefano Rizzi, available every week for examinations and operations aimed at restoring mouth functionality and aesthetics even in case of lost teeth. There will also be a pedodontist, specialized in the care of the teeth of children.