Two open days dedicated to young people and students who aim to be doctors, nurses or physiotherapists: Humanitas University, together with the Associations of Nurses of Catania and Palermo, organizes two days of orientation to direct students to the path of studies in the medical and health field.

On February 18 in Catania and February 20 in Palermo, aspiring nurses, physiotherapists and doctors will meet some teachers to learn about the degree courses of Humanitas University in Medicine and Surgery, Nursing and Physiotherapy and the various services offered by the university, including the opportunity to gain work experience abroad.

They will also be able to meet with the professionals of the Order of Nursing Professions and see for themselves the work in the ward, with practical simulations such as the detection of vital parameters, venous sampling and first aid maneuvers, useful to better guide the choice.

“In recent years, the Italian Health System has been evolving in line with the new needs of the population, requiring increasingly specialized skills from professionals. Nurses are the effective answer for responsible and autonomous personalized assistance in hospitals, at home, in residential facilities and wherever there is a need for assistance. Humanitas University, through innovative teaching methods, trains the nurses of the future, with a national and international outlook, promoting job placement in Italy and abroad,” explained Beatrice Mazzoleni, Director of the Degree Course in Nursing at Humanitas University.

Open day timetable and calendar

Meetings with Humanitas specialists will take place in Catania and Palermo at the Mercure Hotel from 14.30 to 18.00. Registration is free but compulsory through the link dedicated to the event; places are limited.

Medical and health skills: experiences abroad and 71% of employees

Humanitas is a course of study that opens up a number of opportunities, including the possibility of acquiring research skills by participating in national and international projects, and participating in the Erasmus programme abroad, thanks to travel grants that also allow study stays outside Europe.

According to the annual report of the AlmaLaurea Consortium, 71% of graduates in the health professions one year after obtaining the title already have a job, a positive growth trend from 2013. Among these, nursing and physiotherapy are among the best figures: 74% for the former, a percentage that rises to 84% for the latter.

The entrance test to Medicine: appointment on March 15

The entry test to the degree course in Medicine and Surgery, on the international smart campus of Humanitas, is scheduled for next March 15. An opportunity to take the first steps of your future before you even took your high school diploma. To welcome the students, an integrated university with a world-renowned polyclinic and research centre, with a residence just a few steps from the university classrooms, is the ideal setting for those who want to study in the Life Sciences field.

The IMAT – International Medical Admissions Test – entry test in English will take place simultaneously at the Assago Forum and in 16 other cities around the world. The first 80 places will be assigned to Italian and foreign students.

Since February Humanitas University has been running a special Preparation Week, a week-long intensive preparatory course designed to help students acquire a method of study that will allow them to better take the IMAT admission test.