On April 18th, two Humanitas urologists participated in the ‘Congress of Serbian Urologists’ organized by the European School of Urology (ESU). Both Humanitas urologists held readings on reconstructive surgery of the urinary tract. The two presenters were Dr. Massimo Lazzeri and Dr. Nicolo Buffi, both part of the medical team of Dr. Giorgio Guazzoni, Head of Urology at Humanitas.


What topics were addressed by Dr. Buffi?

Dr. Buffi addressed the topic on reconstructive surgery of the upper urinary tract. Specifically, he identified a case of reconstructive surgery of the ureter (the tube which drains the urine from the kidney to the bladder), conducted along with Prof. Guazzoni. The case involved correction of upper urinary tract problems with robotic instruments. The focus was on the reconstruction of ureteropelvic junction obstruction (a narrowing, often congenital, where the kidney and the ureter are joined) and on reconstruction of the ureter in case of iatrogenic lesions (consequences of previous surgeries).


What topics were addressed by Dr. Lazzeri?

Dr. Lazzeri focused on reconstructive surgery of the urethra, with particular reference to trauma management (early and late changes in the acute phase). “The context is particularly suitable to stimulate the interest of students – explains Dr. Lazzeri – since pelvic fractures are very widespread in developing countries with respect to those of western countries. This is mainly due to the lesser use of road safety devices. “During my speech – says Dr. Lazzeri – I portrayed an algorithm on how to manage urethral strictures, specifically urinary continence and decreased sexual potency. The aim was to generate a useful model to ensure appropriate behavior and a maximum result in anatomical and functional terms.”