Our eyes’ health also depends on hydration, that is to say on the water and liquids intake we guarantee to our body. Professor Paolo Vinciguerra, Supervisor of the ophthalmological center of Humanitas, spoke about “The importance of hydration for healthy eyes”, in an interview.
“The eye is made by tissues, such as the cornea and the vitreous, that contain more than 90% water. If we reduce our water intake, this concentration may change”.
We risk the most over the summer. “For instance, the majority of retinal detachment cases happen during the summer. Severe dehydration may cause a contraction of the vitreous. The gelatine that is in front of the retina and behind the crystalline lens. The vitreous adheres to the retina by its very nature, so it may tear and rupture the retina if it contracts too much. When it is hot and we sweat a lot, we lose fluids more easily. An insufficient hydration forces our body to save liquids. For this reason, we feel our mouth dry, we produce less urine and we salivate less. Tears production is also reduced and the increased friction between eyelids and eyes causes an irritation”, Prof. Vinciguerra explains.

What should one drink?

“Sweetened beverages should be avoided, because they absorbe liquids in order to dilute sugars. Oligomineral water is also better than mineral water: the former one helps fulfill more rapidly our water requirements. However, you should not drink an entire bottle in a single sitting: a constant intake is better, for instance a glass of water multiple times during the day”.
“You should also pay attention to what you eat because, in general, fats, salt, spices and elaborate dishes require more water to be digested”, Prof. Vinciguerra points out.