Dr. Piero Volpi, head of the Orthopedic Knee and Sports Traumatology Unit at Humanitas, explains the importance of correct injury rehabilitation and recovery after tissue damage.


Shot of a businessman rubbing his aching back while sitting at his desk in front of his computer

Why is recovery time after an injury important?

When an athlete or an ordinary person suffers an injury it is important to respect the recovery time that is imposed after a diagnosis by a professional. In addition, it is important to follow the timing dictated for the treatment and correct injury rehabilitation.

After an injury, many people try to speed up their recovery. It certainly indicates a strong will to recover, but the situation may prove harmful. The injured tissue will be subjected to stress that they are not ready to deal with while repairing themselves.

Under athletic injury rehabilitation the recovery time is respected much more diligently than in the normal population. This is because the experts which usually monitor each case acknowledge that the cost of risking further injury is larger than that of the recovery period.

For us non-athletes, motivation and patience is important since failing to follow a proper injury rehabilitation program often leads to relapse or recurrence of pre-existing injuries. In some cases taking time off of work will be necessary and perhaps you will require a few visits to an orthopedic or physiotherapist. The cost of these will save you time and money in the future by preventing further damage.