Lower back pain is characterized by pain in the spine corresponding to the lower back and is generally caused by misuse of the spine. This generally occurs from loads and overexertion, repetitive motion in flexion-rotation of the trunk, even without special loads, as well as inappropriate positions or positions maintained for a longer period of time (for example, sitting improperly at a desk all day).


“The pain in the lumbar area does not always corresponds to a specific disease – says Dr. Mario Fusco, specialist of the Unit of Surgery column at Humanitas Gavazzeni -. Often related conditions, such as poor muscle tone, incorrect entries, and continuous weight lifting can create a pain that, fortunately, does not necessarily correspond to a specific medical condition.Therefore, before raising alarm, it is always better to consult with a medical specialist who can assess the situation. ”



Lower back pain, high heels and excessive weight

One thing is certain, however. In the summer, those suffering from a real type of lumbar pathology, can enjoy “less painful” situations. The specialist explains why: “In situations, such as those involving the cervical region, the heat causes muscle relaxation and increased blood supply which results in an overall improvement with decreased pain disorder.”


Summer can also be an opportunity for women to decrease the size of their heels, and remove unnatural overload to the spine. “To improve lower back pain, it is best to limit the extent of heels-  suggests Dr. Fusco – and not exceed 4 cm because on one the hand, they may offer a popular silhouette, however on the other, they produce in an increase in lumbar lordosis. High heels should be worn only on special occasions; the rest of the day, especially if you have to stand or walk a lot, it is best to wear low and comfortable shoes.”


Finally, the weight. Summer is typically the season when individuals try to control their body weight, especially when it is a bit excessive. “There is nothing better for those suffering from back pain and particularly lower back pain – says Dr. Fusco- a reduction of the loads on the spine, which are carried by excessive body weight, can alleviate the wear and tear on the structures that compose it, such as disk ligaments, bones and joints. As a result, this means the less inflammation, the less pain.”