This year, Humanitas Gradenigo hosted “MiTo for the City”. A musical program that offered free classical music from September 3rd to September 21st in many districts of Turin.
In fact, on Wednesday, September 13th, the Renaissance Ensemble Sigismondo performed in the Chapel of the Hospital. The concert lasted about half an hour. It was open to everyone and broadcasted inside the building.
Ensemble Sigismondo was formed in the Department of Ancient Music of the Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi” in Turin. It specializes in Renaissance and early Baroque European music. On September 19th, 2015 the team participated in the concert in honour of Jordi Savall, organized in the Great Hall of the Rectorate of the University of Turin. There, they were awarded the “Golden Ark” prize for the Young Talents of 2015.

What is “MiTo for the City”?

This event was part of the classical music exhibition “MiTo September Music” that takes place between Turin and Milan. This year, “MiTo for the City” offered 101 music exhibitions on the road, with the artists directly meeting their public.
There were 20 hospitals and clinics involved in this project. In addition, 16 structures for the assistance to physically and mentally disabled people, 9 nursing homes, 8 prisons and 7 shelter houses for adults or families, hosted concerts.

This was an occasion to bring the music where people are suffering.

This choice highlighted the importance of music and its role in the treatment of people in difficulty, as they said during the presentation press release of “MiTo September Music” in early September.