A pair of glasses against carsickness. Just wear them for a few minutes and the sickness goes away. They are the Boarding Ring, similar to that of the diving goggles, in addition to possible remedies for this disorder.

Hubert Jeannin is the French optician who put them up. Wearing them would eliminate the conflict between the eyes and inner ear that lies at the basis of motion sickness, commonly known as motion sickness. Although it has been mainly designed for boating, this device would be a successful remedy for nausea from motion sickness.

“Between the view and the inner ear there is a kind of short circuit: this is what causes the malaise,” explains Dr. Luca Malvezzi, Otolaryngologist of Humanitas hospital, in the monthly magazine Quattroruote.

What triggers the symptoms of motion sickness?

“Symptoms of motion sickness are triggered by excessive stimulation of the vestibular apparatus of the inner ear during rocking motion or wave travel. Our neurological system fails to properly read these movements – adds the specialist. Therefore, on the basis of this optical-vestibular discrepancy, nausea, vomiting and dizziness make their appearance”.

How do these glasses prevent motion sickness?

The frame contains a colored liquid: the glasses exploit precisely the visual effect of this liquid. According to the creator 12 minutes would be sufficient to resolve the symptoms of motion sickness: his glasses would work in 95% of cases.

The same drafting of Quattroruote tried the glasses on a person suffering from motion sickness, observing the regulations of the French optics. After ten minutes, with your back straight and your gaze fixed on the horizon, the symptoms disappeared. Once removed, however, nausea and malaise were returning. The test was repeated until the well-being became permanent.

Can anyone wear these glasses? Does who not suffer from motion sickness might instead try their discomfort with forked glasses. Their use is not recommended for those who take the drugs for the treatment of motion sickness, such as scopolamine, available in patches, gum or lozenges.

Scopolamine (available in back earphone patches) was until recently the most commonly used drug in the treatment of symptoms from motion sickness. By March 2015 they will no longer be sold in Italy. Instead products are available in capsules or chewing gum, which is less effective but more manageable and free from side effects.


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