There are those who sleep supine, those turned on one side, and those who prefer to sleep on their belly: each one of us has his or her preferred position to fall asleep, but the way we sleep influences the quality of sleep? We discussed this topic with Dr. Lara Fratticci, Neurologist in Humanitas.

Sleeping is important and the beneficial effects of sleep on our bodies are many: it helps us to restore nutrients, regain energy and rest our minds. In addition to sleeping, it’s also important to sleep well and the position we take at night has a major impact on the quality of sleep,” explains the specialist.


It is better to sleep in supine position or on the side

The best positions are the supine and side positions. Sleeping with your stomach up helps relax your muscles, avoids pain, tension and muscle tension and removes the risk of gastroesophageal reflux.

Even sleeping on the side is excellent, perhaps taking the classic fetal position with the lower limbs flexing; this position contrasts with the lumbar lordosis. Sleeping on the stomach is not recommended because it increases the risk of gastroesophageal reflux,” explains Dr. Fratticci

Ideally – the doctor points out – would be to change positions overnight, this helps to ensure that sleep is refreshing and therefore effective and that it is not interrupted by tension or annoyance due to inappropriate positions. It is also advisable to be free to move around the bed and not too much constrained by bed linen or blankets,” concludes the doctor.