The Brand Ambassador project, which has been involving Humanitas (PARC) Customer Service for about a year, has won the Adriano Olivetti FIA Award for “Special Presidency for the Health, Personal & Organizational Well-being Area”. The project was awarded “For its commitment and for the diffusion of virtuous and productive behaviors for the empathic evolution of the customer experience in Healthcare”.

The objective of the AIF Adriano Olivetti Award is in fact to promote good practices regarding innovative paths of learning and development of people and organizations. To do so, it identifies the companies that have designed and implemented training and people development projects and that have distinguished themselves for the learning and development results obtained at individual, team and organizational level.

“We are very proud of the award. It is a project that has the strength to release positive energies in favor of our patients and the people who work here at Humanitas at their service. The idea now is that the number of Brand Ambassadors will grow in order to spread more and more in the Humanitas world, through the strength of testimony, the ability to be in touch with our patients and with the emotions they bring with them”, commented Paolo Almagioni, Head of Training and Development at Humanitas.

What is the Humanitas Brand Ambassador project?

The Brand Ambassador project was born with the aim of initiating a process of change within Humanitas Customer Service, directing the service offered to the patient towards a logic of “customer experience” so that PARC does not only mean Reservation, Acceptance, Reporting and Cash Desk, but is capable of transmitting Passion, Hospitality, Reactivity and Competence: these are the values, the image, the spirit and the code of service of PARC.

This is how the Brand Ambassadors were born: PARC professionals who represent a model of service excellence, through the identification of virtuous and productive behaviours and attitudes. They are a team capable of transmitting the spirit of Humanitas with their own testimony and professionalism; professionals who propose themselves as agents of change to better support the patient and his path in the structures of the Humanitas group.

Initially there were eight Brand Ambassadors, chosen because they were strong in the skills required of customer service (active listening, relational and communicative skills, empathy, spirit of adaptation, proactivity, problem solving skills) and because they were able to pass them on to new employees, also thanks to dedicated moments in the classroom and through the creation of a book containing the values of the PARC. Today there are thirty Brand Ambassadors who are mainly involved in the daily activities of customer service. The aim is to continue to generate a strong sense of belonging and team spirit, train internal trainers and credible witnesses and make the patient feel more and more at the centre of the world.