There are two appointments that will involve some specialists of Humanitas on the occasion of “Spring of health” in Rozzano; the initiative, promoted by the Municipality of Rozzano, has two key meeting points at the Istituto Superiore Calvino dedicated to prevention and lifestyles.

The specialists of Humanitas will meet the students on Friday 11 May and Friday 25 May, from 10 am to 1 pm.


Cancer prevention

On Friday 11 May the students will meet Dr. Alberto Testori, associate director of the Breast Unit of Humanitas, who will talk to them about cancer prevention, with particular reference to the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the role of smoking.

Together with him, Dr. Paola Martinoni, oncologist and surgeon, will focus in particular on the topic of breast cancer and how important prevention is in this case.


Immunology, vaccines and proper nutrition

On Friday 25 May, Dr. Cecilia Garlanda and Professor Daniela Lucini will take the floor.

Cecilia Garlanda, Head of the experimental Immunopathology Laboratory of Humanitas, will tell children how important immunology is and how fundamental the role of vaccines is.

Professor Daniela Lucini, Head of Exercise Medicine at Humanitas and director of the specialization school in Sports Medicine and Physical Exercise at the University of Milan, will address the issues of anorexia and bulimia, with a focus on the importance of proper nutrition from an early age.