Prof. Giorgio Guazzoni, Head of Urology, was a guest star on Uno Mattina and spoke about the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. The episode aided on November 5th and addressed the campaign “Here I am”, promoted by AIRC (The Italian Association for Cancer Research).

What issues were addressed during the broadcast?

The week dedicated to “Days of Research” ended on Sunday. The campaign was sponsored by the Italian Association for Cancer Research and its purpose was to inform the public about research results and raise money with media initiatives. The area dedicated to finance portrayed the growth pathways for young and talented Italian researchers. Prof. Guazzoni, Head of Urology at Humanitas, was a guest star on the program Uno Mattina and spoke about new treatment approaches against prostate cancer. He identified how these new treatment approaches were all made possible thanks to progressing research.


Prof. Guazzoni also addressed the issues relating to:

  • Active surveillance and observational approach
  • Extensive use of PSA for the detection of so-called “indolent tumors” (growing or progressing slowly)
  • Prostate biopsies guided by image fusion methods such as magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound