Professor Alberto Mantovani, scientific director of Humanitas and teacher at Humanitas University, was invited to speak about, “Health and risk perception” during the Science Fair Week in Turin.

His speech was delivered on Wednesday 7 June, at the Academy of Sciences. It had to do with “Immunity and vaccines: from cancer to global health”.

There were speeches by the director of the Integrated Department of Infective Diseases of the “Amedeo di Savoia” Hospital in Turin, Professor Giovanni Di Perri (“What are we avoiding with vaccines?”) and by the president of the Medical and Dentistry Board of Turin’s district, Doctor Guido Giustetto (“The stance of the Medical Board”).

Prevention and vaccines

Vaccine-related prevention is a topic dear to Professor Mantovani, and today’s debate is about it. Even though the scientific community knows the value of vaccines, they look upon them with suspicion and they often target vaccination with disinformative campaigns, exploitations and unsubstantiated fears.

The Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medicine of Turin organized this event during the Science Fair Week, in order to shed light and provide qualified, reliable information about this topic.