An upgrade program on Quality Colonoscopy, has just started in St. Petersburg, developed by the Russian Society for Endoscopy, in collaboration with the Gastroenterology chair of Humanitas University.
The program is open to Russian endoscopists and it aims to develop the latest discoveries about colonoscopy techniques, and to diagnose and remove colorectal polyps, in order for the colonoscopy in Russia to give better results.
The international contact person of this project, is Professor Alessandro Repici, supervisor of Digestive Endoscopy at Humanitas. Professor Nicholov, supervisor of the colorectal cancer screening program for the Russian Health Ministry, and two other Russian specialists (Sergey Kashin from Yaroslav and Mikhail Korolev from St. Peterburg) are participating too.

An utter change for Russia

“This is the very first project of this kind to be realized in Russia. In late March, 150 participants from every region of the country, met in St. Peterburg. During this current year, we will reach the most important cities in Russia, with more than two thousand participants”, Prof. Repici, says.