On June 15-17, the Convention Center of Humanitas will be hosting the 8th edition of IMAGE (International Meeting Advanced Gastroenterology Endoscopy). An international course about endoscopy, with live sessions that will concern the newest progress in gastroenterology and endoscopy.
The course will be supervised by three Humanitas specialists: Prof. Alessandro Repici, Supervisor of Digestive Endoscopy, Prof. Silvio Danese, Supervisor of the Intestinal Chronic Inflammatory Diseases Center, and Prof. Alberto Malesci, Director of the Gastroenterology Department.

The work of the best international specialists will be presented and the classes will refer to the latest progress in the diagnoses, the patients’ management and the available therapies.
Additionally, there will be live endoscopy and other sessions, in collaboration with the two most advanced endoscopy divisions: Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimora (USA) and Global Hospitals in Mumbai (India).