Plastic surgery and reconstruction after a breast tumor operation: this is the topic at the Humanitas centre live Facebook stream with Marco Bianchi, scientific divulger of the Veronesi Foundation, and Professor Marco Klinger, Head of Plastic Surgery at Humanitas.

The meeting is part of the initiatives proposed by Humanitas on the occasion of the month of breast cancer prevention.

Professor Klinger answered several questions that were sent to the editorial staff. He first explained how, in theory, it is possible to undergo reconstruction at any stage of a tumor; in fact, in principle, all patients can be operated on, even if then the evaluation will have to be done case by case. Among the advantages of reconstruction it is important to underline how much charge it can provide to the patient from the psychological point of view.


Many topics were addressed

Prof. Klinger also highlighted the difference between post-cancer reconstruction and breast remodeling in a healthy woman, explaining the problems of radiotherapy after prosthesis and highlighted the role of lipofilling. This procedure involves taking some fat (from the hips and abdomen in general) and then using it in the desired or irradiated or scarred regions to give new quality to the tissues. In fact, the fat restores the tissues, making them look like healthy tissues, and dissolves the scars, as demonstrated by a study by Humanitas.


Watch the live stream with Marco Bianchi and Professor Marco Klinger: