A new surgical technique has been developed to intervene on the rectum, the terminal portion of the intestine, particularly useful in the case of removing tumor masses.

TaTME (Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision) has been attracting increasing interest among experts in the field in recent years. This technique was the subject of the International Course organized in Humanitas by Professor Antonino Spinelli, Head of Colorectal Surgery at Humanitas, who has accumulated recognized experience in its use.


A change of perspective

“It is a radical change of perspective with which the rectum is operated. While traditionally we had access to the area to be treated from the abdomen, then descending towards the pelvis, now we reach the operating area by transanal route, going upwards from the bottom. This allows a better view of the end of the rectum.

The transanal technique allows the safety margin to be clearly controlled with respect to the position of the tumor in order to reduce the possibility of recurrence. In addition, the passage of the nerve beams can be better visualized, with the aim of reducing the risk of compromising sexual function and urinary and intestinal continence,” explains Prof. Spinelli.


The team’s work in Humanitas

The teaching and dissemination of new surgical techniques is an integral part of the work of the colorectal surgery team. In addition to courses on novelties in rectal surgery, the team in Humanitas organizes numerous courses in advanced laparoscopic surgery, demonstrations of robotic surgery and live surgery during the surgery congresses.