Researchers’ Night is back on September 28th, an initiative – promoted by the European Commission since 2005 – that brings the public, especially the non-experts, closer to the world of Science and Research and every year it involves thousands of researchers and institutions from all European countries.

For the occasion, Humanitas University participates with some of its experts and lecturers in two events during the Open Night | A tu per tu con la ricerca, organized by the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, from 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm.


“Age is not the same for everyone”

The first engagement, “Age is not the same for everyone”. (20.30, Sala delle Colonne), will be dedicated to the theme of youth: Professor Michela Matteoli, Director of Humanitas Neuro Center and lecturer at Humanitas University, and Professor Carlo Selmi, Head of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology at Humanitas and lecturer at the University of Milan will illustrate together with Walter Bruno, Director of Humanitas Communication, and journalist Eliana Liotta how smart foods, anti-inflammatories, physical activity but also yoga, meditation and tai chi, help to stay young for a long time. Good habits that help to combat chronic inflammation, related to wrinkles and diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatology and neurodegenerative diseases.


“The simulation for learning and first aid”

Then, a full immersion in emergency medicine during the meeting “The simulation for learning and first aid” (21.30, Sala Cavallerizze) in which Dr. Federico Barra, Anesthetist and Reanimation team member of Humanitas and Scientific Coordinator of the Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center of Humanitas University, Fabiana Cambiaghi, First Aid nurse of Humanitas and Dr. Antonio Voza, Head of EAS First Aid of Humanitas, will illustrate the new cutting-edge technologies that allow in special Simulation Center as that of Humanitas University, to faithfully reproduce different hospital environments: from the ward lane to the operating room, from the emergency area to the endoscopy and angiography rooms.

High-fidelity mannequins, available to students and trainees but also to health professionals and hospital staff, also promote the learning of professional skills and competences, integrating the knowledge acquired through traditional teaching and allowing you to practice on possible scenarios of crisis or maxi emergencies in Emergency Room.

The initiative, which takes place within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, is free.