On the last 27 June, a Facebook feed was held with Marco Bianchi, scientific supporter of the Veronesi Foundation, and Professor Antonio Costanzo, Head of Dermatology in Humanitas.

A great many questions came from the live users and not all of them could be answered. We will take back some of them in this article, thanks to the help of Professor Costanzo.



What are the latest treatments for psoriasis?

These are biological drugs and in particular cytokine inhibitors IL-17A and IL-23. Some of these are in the final stages of testing and will be available next year.


Is there a relationship between lactose intolerance and psoriasis?

No, although the intestinal microbiota may affect skin inflammation and the alteration of this in lactulose intolerants may contribute to the disease.


Can people with psoriasis benefit from nutrition?

Yes, achieving weight-form helps determine the effectiveness of many drugs and the introduction of omega3 and omega6 may have an anti-inflammatory effect on psoriatic patches.


Atopic dermatitis

How can we treat acute atopic dermatitis with asthma in adulthood? Is it true that UVA-UVB therapies work? Are there any risks? And does the sun work in the same way?

In a few months, we will have innovative drugs for the treatment of atopic dermatitis that also have a positive effect on asthma. They are interleukin 13 and 4 inhibitors and JAK inhibitors. The UVA and B have a partial effectiveness, as well as the sun.


For atopic dermatitis I often use cortisone, but how can I protect myself from the sun?

Using high protective factor creams.


Is there a correlation between atopic dermatitis and the intestines?

Yes, but we still have very few data to be able to say this in detail.


Can atopic dermatitis involve other organs?

Yes, the most commonly affected organs are the lungs (asthma) and the nasal mucosa (nasal polyposis).



In the case of acne, is there any point in increasing the food intake of vitamins A and E?

Yes, but the effectiveness is very limited.


I am 38 years old and I still have acne on my chin and neck often, can it be a hormonal problem or an intestinal one?

Usually that area is the one sensitive to hormones.


Skin imperfections

Can a strong facial rosacea depend on treatment for thyroid dysfunction or nutrition?

More from nutrition than from thyroid therapy.


Does a gluten-free diet improve skin conditions?

Yes, if the patient has a tendency to celiac disease.


After having burnt myself more than a year ago, how can I remove the stain due to the greater pigmentation of the skin?

Eliminating it is very difficult. I advise you to do peelings with glycolic acid.


What to do with dark spots appearing on the face during pregnancies?

There are specific lasers for these types of stains.


Strict chronic eczema in the hands: besides cortisone is there any cure?

Retinoids (toctino) Cyclosporine and other immunosuppressants.



How can this be done? Can you sunbathe the same as before?

It can be treated with local or systemic antibiotic treatments depending on the severity. Sun exposure is only allowed with high protection, otherwise stains may remain.



They have diagnosed me with “Lucite”, can you tell me something about it?

Lucite is a hypersensitivity to light, a kind of allergy to sunlight.