Thanks to technological developments, imaging is now also used as a guide for surgical procedures.

In the field of surgery of medullary tumors, we have come to merge the images of MRI with those of CT, as two specialists of Humanitas explained in an interview with Tg2 Medicine 33: Dr. Maurizio Fornari, Head of Neurosurgery, and Dr. Marco Grimaldi, Head of Neuroradiology Service.

“The idea of merging the two images is due to Dr. Francesco Costa, who demonstrated that it is possible to simultaneously perform a navigation for both the bone components of the spine, and for the soft parts,” said Dr. Fornari.

“There is equipment inside the operating room, particularly CTs, which allows for bone study and therefore allows you to be very precise in positioning instruments to intervene on the bone. The big news is that we are merging the images of the patient’s magnetic resonances made before the surgery with the CT images made during the surgery,” added Dr. Grimaldi.


What are the benefits of fusion?

“The first advantage is that the surgical field is centered exactly on the lesion, so surgery becomes minimally invasive and second, it helps to ensure that in the case of cancer, a radical removal has been achieved,” explains Fornari.


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