“The management of ankle instability in sport” is the title of the scientific congress that took place at Mantova University, with the participation of Doctor Piero Volpi, supervisor of the medic staff of Inter (International FC) and Supervisor of Knee Orthopedy and Sport Traumatology at Humanitas.
Doctor Volpi spoke about ankle trauma, one of the most sudden injuries in sport. It makes the ligaments on the outside of the ankle give in.
“It is a very common trauma and it may happen for many reasons. In football, it happens 39% of the time without any tackle, 59% due to contact, and 2% because of structures such as fields or billboards”, Dr. Volpi explained.

Ankle trauma: what should you do?

“You should never underestimate ankle traumas. First aid for amateur sportsmen generally overlooks them.
It is important to get a radiography done and then start a conserving or surgical treatment. Afterwards, you should engage in a good rehabilitation with different specific exercises, in order to go back to your competitive-level sport activities”, the specialist pointed out.