From 9 to 11 April last, a monothematic practical course dedicated to the surgery of the salivary glands was held at Humanitas. An opportunity for the participants (specialists in Otolaryngology and Maxillo-facial Surgery) to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge about the diseases that affect the salivary glands, such as tumors.

The diagnosis and treatment of salivary gland tumors, in fact, represent a fundamental moment in the clinical-surgical practice of the specialist and the surgeon who deals with pathologies of the head-neck district.

The course was attended, both as teachers and in practice at the operating table, by all surgeons of the team of Otorhinolaryngology directed by Professor Giuseppe Spriano: Dr. Giovanni Colombo, Dr. Giovanni Cugini, Dr. Armando De Virgilio, Dr. Fabio Ferreli, Dr. Luca Malvezzi, Professor Giuseppe Mercante, Dr. Stefano Miceli and Dr. Vanessa Rossi.

Three days dedicated to surgical activity

Twenty-five surgical operations were performed during the course (17 parotidectomies, 4 submandibular sialectomies and 4 removal of tumors of the parapharyngeal space).

An active participation in the surgical activity, strongly desired by Professor Spriano who explains: “The possibility of accessing the operating table in a limited number of participants is the key to achieving real growth by the students. Discussion of cases and comparison with radiologists and pathologists is the best approach to salivary gland tumors”.

Upcoming editions of the course

This first course has obtained an excellent response and for the coming year a new edition is expected, as Professor Giuseppe Mercante tells us: “Given the international mission of our University and the numerous requests for participation from foreign colleagues, the next edition of the courses will be in English so as to put in the best conditions to participate even foreign colleagues”.

The next courses are dedicated to thyroid and parathyroid gland surgery (16-18 September 2019) and endoscopic nose-synusal surgery (2-4 December 2019).