Breast cancer is a socially relevant disease. Scientific data have shown that getting a treatment in a Breast Unit, that is a specialized center for breasts and breast issues, affects positively the chances of survival and significantly reduces mortality.

The European Union, focusing also on the treatment of this tumor since 2003, invited Member States to create within their own territories a network of specialized breast centers by 2016. The Italian Ministry of Health, the first in Europe, had already issued a decree with the necessary organizational steps to identify quality and quantity criteria for breast centers.

As Doctor Corrado Tinterri, Director of the Breast Unit of Humanitas, highlights, “Certified Breast Units are good examples of what a health organization should be. Their goal is guaranteeing the most effective treatments to women suffering from breast cancer, with due regard for the international guidelines. This is a top-notch healthcare improvement, reducing wastes and optimizing resources, thus favoring a better life quality and chances of survival”.

The video plea of the European Breast Cancer Coalition for Breast Units

“Time is up”. This is the message of the European Breast Cancer Coalition, the movement for women’s rights in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

The Italian branch of the European Breast Cancer Coalition, together with Women’s Associations and some Scientific Societies, made a video plea to institutions about the delays in the creation of Breast Units. These delays prevent women from being cured according to the guidelines.

The video will be played during a meeting at Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, on Monday 29 May, where Rosanna D’Antona (President of the Italian branch of the European Breast Cancer Coalition) and Doctor Corrado Tinterri (Member of the Coordination group for the implementation of the network of breast centers for the Health Ministry and coordinator of the Scientific committee of the European Breast Cancer Coalition) will also intervene.