Varicose veins and healthy legs: this is the central theme of the live Facebook stream with Marco Bianchi, scientific divulger of the Veronesi Foundation, and Dr. Elisa Casabianca, angiologist and vascular surgeon in Humanitas.

Dr. Casabianca explained how important it is to undergo an angiological examination in the presence of suspicious symptoms and how the heart of the visit is the eco color doppler, a rapid and non-invasive examination that combines ultrasound scanning, a study of the refluxes of the superficial veins and the pervasiveness of the deep circle. This makes it possible to observe the functioning of the leg veins and thus to provide, where necessary, indications on treatments.


Elastic stockings

Elastic stockings are one of the most effective remedies in the presence of these disorders and can be preventive or therapeutic. “We don’t have to think about grandmother’s stockings”, underlined the doctor “today these stockings are so well made that they can no longer be distinguished from normal stockings”.


Thermoablation with radiofrequency

Although elastic socks are an excellent remedy, surgery is sometimes necessary. “A surgery that should not frighten us,” emphasizes the doctor “also because today the treatments are often minimally invasive and can be carried out under local anesthesia and in some cases are performed on an outpatient basis.

There are different types of intervention; the choice depends on the patient’s situation. From stripping – more invasive – to radio frequency thermalablation: a technique that gives excellent results. The diseased vein is not removed, but is left in place and it is burned, with a resolution of the venous reflux. It is performed in day hospital, under local anesthesia, takes about 20 minutes and recovery is immediate.

Other topics that emerged during the live stream include: the benefits of swimming and walking along the seafront in case of venous insufficiency, sclerotherapy for capillaries, foods to be preferred and the role of inheritance and lifestyle in case of varicose veins.