According to a scientific research conducted by the UK Loughborough University, published on Jama International Medicine, even one or two physical exercise sessions per week have benefits related to prevention.

This research involved almost 64 thousand adults, that between 1994 and 2012 communicated periodically how much physical activity they did in the previous four weeks. The collected data show that engaging in physical activity, even less often than recommended by the international guidelines, protects the cardiovascular system and health in general.

We asked Professor Daniela Lucini, Supervisor of the Exercise Medicine Section at Humanitas, for more information.


The Identikit of Weekend-Only Sportspeople

“Generally, people who have troubles making time for physical exercise in the weekdays prefer to do so in the weekend. Weekend-only sportspeople are young adults who work, and so have to resort to engaging in physical activity only in the weekends due to their working hours. These people are often quite healthy, in shape, fit and of normal weight. In this case and with this profile, engaging in intense physical activity only twice a week has benefits for the cardiovascular system and for health in general. For example, swimming for an hour on Saturday and running 45 minutes on Sunday is a great way to exercise, with positive repercussions on health”, Professor Lucini explains.


The Fight Against a Sedentary Lifestyle

“The mindset that makes people engage in physical exercise in the weekend (or in other days off) is generally part of a dynamic lifestyle. These people, in most cases, also move in the weekdays, go on foot or ride a bike, use stairs, eat healthy.

We can say that, even though one should engage in aerobic physical exercise at least 30 minutes per day every day (if the intensity is moderate), or 20-30 minutes three times a week (if the intensity is higher), preferably after a consultation with your physician or a specialist, movement and physical exercise are anyway paramount for the well-being of your body and mind, and after all something is better than nothing.

One should support the actual physical exercise with an active lifestyle that contrasts a sedentary lifestyle, starting from daily life activities”, Professor Lucini highlights.