The Department of Ophthalmology offers diagnostics, treatment, and surgical procedures for various conditions affecting eyes and visual perception, seeing over 20,000 patients annually.

The team carries out interventions for cataracts with a phacoemulsification ultrasound technique and implantation of artificial lens for glaucoma and congenital strabismus (both childhood and paralytic strabismus), after functional assessment by the department of pediatric ophthalmology and orthoptics.

The Unit also deals with retinal diseases (retinal detachment, vitrectomy), cornea transplant , stem cell therapy, amniotic membrane transplant, as well as refractive laser eye surgery for the correction of myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

Surgical interventions that are also performed include tear duct surgery, eyelid surgery, orbital surgery and outpatient laser treatments used to treat glaucoma, retinal diseases, and secondary cataract; while diagnostic tests are effective for examinations such as as retinal fluorescein angiography, visual computerized campimetry, corneal topography, and visual evoked potentials.