Cachexia, also known as the wasting syndrome, is a state of physical decay and malnutrition associated with chronic diseases.


What kind of diseases can be associated with cachexia?

Diseases that may be associated with cachexia are the following:

Remember that this is not an exhaustive list and it is highly recommended to consult your doctor, in case of symptom’s persistence.


What is the therapy for cachexia?

The best therapy in cases of cachexia includes treatment of the primary medical problem. It is an approach that may require: interventions in the nutrition, intake of vitamins and minerals and drug treatments. The drug treatments are based on: insulin, growth hormone, testosterone, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids and antioxidants.


When is most likely to contact your doctor in case of cachexia?

Cachexia is a serious issue that must always be approached with the help of the doctor.