Hyperpnoea is a medical condition characterized by an increase of the frequency and depth of breaths. This leads to increased pulmonary ventilation. It is usually accompanied by increased heart rate and fatigue.

Among the physiological causes that are associated with hyperpnoea are: physical space exertion and emotional stress. The causes for pathological conditions may be very different, such as: heart failure, presence of sepsis, metabolic acidosis, and sinusitis. The condition can be also connected to alcohol abuse.


What kind of diseases can be associated with hyperpnoea?

The following diseases may be associated with hyperpnoea:

  • Metabolic acidosis
  • Heart failure
  • Sepsis
  • Sinusitis
  • Were toxic (alcohol abuse)

Remember that this is not an exhaustive list and it is highly recommended to consult your doctor, in case of symptom’s persistence.


What is the therapy for hyperpnoea?

To enable the development of a targeted treatment for the resolution of hyperpnoea, it is important to understand the underlying cause of the disorder and to act on it.


When is most likely to contact your doctor in case of hyperpnoea?

In case of hyperpnoea, it is always good to consult a doctor or the emergency room.