What are bogue?

The bogue (Boops boops) is a saltwater fish belonging to the family Sparidae. They prefer rocky bottoms and is a coastal fish that can live in variable environments. It is widespread in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


What are the nutritional properties of bogue?

100g of raw bogue (edible portion) provide about 87 calories divided as follows:

  • 84% protein
  • 12% fat
  • 4% carbohydrates


In particular, 100 grams of raw bogue (edible part) provide approximately:

  • 76.1 g water
  • 16.7 g of protein
  • 3.5 g of lipids
  • 25 mg of cholesterol
  • 0.7 g of sugars available
  • 2.1 mg niacin
  • 0.1 mg of riboflavin
  • 0,08mg thiamine
  • 48 micrograms of vitamin a
  • 348 mg potassium
  • 264 mg phosphorus
  • 38 mg of calcium
  • 1.2 mg iron


When should you not eat bogue?

There are some known interactions between the consumption of bogue and the intake of drugs or other substances. If in doubt it is good to seek advice from your doctor.


Seasonality of bogue

Bogue spawn from January to May. There are no particular restrictions on their fishing.


Possible benefits and drawbacks of bogue

Bogue is not a particularly popular fish in the kitchen, mainly because its meat tends to take on an unpleasant smell within a few days. However it has interesting nutritional characteristics: rich in high quality protein, provides B vitamins (important for well functioning metabolism) and vitamin A (good for eyesight and immune system and essential during growth). In addition, its potassium may help protect cardiovascular health, checking the heart rate and blood pressure; iron to prevent anemia and calcium and phosphorus to protect the health of bones and teeth.


The boga, however, is a source of cholesterol and according to the Guidelines for the Prevention of Atherosclerosis of the Ministry of Health, to protect cardiovascular health, you should limit your intake of this molecule to no more than 300 mg a day (or not more than 200 mg a day if you have cardiovascular disorders).