What are cockles?

Cockles (smooth clam) are molluscs belonging to the family Veneridae. Similar to clams, these shells are characterized by light brown with darker veins. They are located in the Mediterranean Sea and the North East Atlantic.


What are their nutritional properties?

100g of cockles provide approximately 52 Calories:

  • 8.5 g protein
  • 1 g carbohydrate
  • 0.47 g of lipids, including cholesterol
  • 20.5 mg Magnesium
  • 2.0 mg Iron
  • 1, 25 mg of zinc


When should you not eat cockles?

There are some known interactions between the consumption of cockles and the intake of drugs or other substances. If in doubt it is good to seek advice from your doctor.


Seasonality of cockles

Cockles are available on the market throughout the year.



Possible benefits and drawbacks of cockles

Due to the low caloric intake, cockles are an ally of diet food. Unfortunately, like other shellfish, they are a source of considerable doses of cholesterol: a molecule essential for the body, but when taken in excessive amounts can impair cardiovascular health. Cholesterol, in fact, may be deposited in artery walls, thus participating in the phenomenon of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerotic plaques that can form impede the flow of blood and can lead to thrombus formation with the risk of occurrence of hazardous events such as heart attack and stroke. So better not to exceed with the consumption of foods high in cholesterol, such as shellfish, and to remember that according to the Guidelines for the Prevention of Atherosclerosis of the Ministry of Health of the daily cholesterol intake should not exceed 300 mg in the case of healthy adults and 200 mg in the case of those who are already struggling with cardiovascular problems.


On the other hand, the consumption of cockles allows to supply the body with high quality protein and important minerals for the intracellular and extracellular metabolism (especially magnesium), for the functioning of the thyroid and the formation of bones and muscles (zinc) and to avoid anemia (iron).


The consumption of cockles could trigger allergies.