What is leerfish?

The Leerfish (Lichia amia) is a blue fish belonging to the family Carangidae. It lives in the East, and it is widespread, although not common, also in the Mediterranean Sea.


What are the nutritional properties?

100g of leerfish bring about 135 calories broken down as follows:

  • 83% protein
  • 17% fat
  • 0% carbohydrates


More specifically, 100 grams of leerfish provide approximately:

  • 74.5 g water
  • 23.1 g of protein
  • 4.7 g of lipids, among which: 1.3 g of saturated fat, 2.0 g monounsaturated fat , 1.4 g of polyunsaturated fats
  • 55 mg of cholesterol
  • 6.80 mg niacin
  • 2.80 mg of vitamin C
  • 0.14 mg thiamine
  • 0.04 mg riboflavin
  • 29 micrograms of vitamin a (retinol equivalent),
  • 420 mg of potassium
  • 157 mg of phosphorus
  • 39 mg sodium
  • 23 mg calcium
  • 0.5 mg iron


When should you not eat leerfish?

It does not appear that the consumption of leerfish can interfere with the intake of drugs or other substances. In case of doubt it is good to seek advice from your doctor.


Seasonality of leerfish

The leerfish is usually caught in the spring / summer. With the arrival of the cold, the leerfish migrates to warmer waters.


Possible benefits and drawbacks of leerfish

Leerfish provides large amounts of high quality protein. Furthermore it is a source of "good" fats, especially monounsaturated fat, but also a good amount of polyunsaturated fats. This particular lipid profile makes it a potential ally of cardiovascular health: the unsaturated fats help to control the levels of cholesterol in the blood, reducing the bad and increase the good one. Also this fish is a source of large amounts of potassium, which by controlling heart rate and blood pressure helps reduce cardiovascular risk. However, the leerfish is a source of cholesterol, and it is necessary to take this into account so as not to exceed the daily recommended intake: 300 mg per day, or 200 mg in the case of cardiovascular problems.


Among the other nutrients found in leerfish, phosphorus protects the health of bones and teeth, while the B vitamins involved in many metabolic processes.

Raw leerfish may be contaminated with anisakis.