Traumatology is the branch of medicine that studies the effects of harmful events, sudden and violent which cause damage to various organs and tissue. Traumatology is also the study of methods and techniques of intervention used in order to restore the integrity of the body after a trauma.

What does a traumatologist do?

A traumatologist is a doctor specializing in trauma who is in charge of detecting the extent of the damage borne by a traumatic situation, and can take actions to restore the body as close as possible to its original state.

What diseases are treated by a traumatologist?

A traumatologist deals in all types of external or internal bodily injuries caused by violent action whether mechanical, chemical, or thermal to which the human body can suffer a trauma. The lesions may have come from different origins such as a cut, gunshot, physical or chemical agents, and the severity depends on the strength of the agent in question. 

What are the procedures used by a traumatologist?

Most of the time a traumatologist acts under urgency and needs to resolve situations that can threaten the patient's life. The specialist uses diagnostic imaging such as ultrasound, radiography, magnetic resonance, and computed tomography to understand the type and extent of damage.
The doctor will use oropharyngeal airway and, if necessary, tracheotomy of the airway to ensure that the patient continues breathing properly. This is done for the restoration of breathing by the application of appropriate drainage and to control blood circulation and the presence of any hemorrhage, and then stabilize any possible fractures. Furthermore the doctor checks the central and peripheral nervous system, assessing the state of consciousness and responsiveness of the patient.

When should a patient visit a traumatologist?

A patient should visit a traumatologist whenever they have been a victim of a damaging event that may have caused damage to one or more organs and tissues. It is also recommended to be examined by a traumatologist for a post surgical recovery.