Sitofobia is a pathological fear of food leading to its rejection, which increases the risk of developing anorexia. It is a typical condition associated with schizophrenic psychosis and severe depression and at its base may be an invincible repugnance of food, the fear of being poisoned, fear that the food may be contaminated with hazardous germs, fear of not being able to monitor your weight or, in some cases of dementia, having to pay.

The trigger of the phobia towards food can be a negative experience (e.g. having eaten tainted food) or a food allergy.


What kind of diseases can be associated with sitofobia?

The following diseases may be associated with sitofobia:

  • Abdominal angina
  • Pancreatitis

Remember that this is not an exhaustive list and it is highly recommended to consult your doctor, in case of symptom’s persistence.


What is the therapy for sitofobia?

In case of sitofobia, the patient may need an esophageal probe to eat. To act at the roots of the problem, however, psychological approach is necessary. The therapy may provide phasing in of food or even, especially in the case of children, the intake of stimulating appetite.


With sitofobia when contact your doctor?

In case of sitofobia, it is essential to consult a doctor so you can avoid dangerous consequences.