The Breast Unit of Humanitas has been recognized for another year, as a center of excellence for the treatment of breast cancer, thanks to the Eusoma European quality certification (European Society of Breast Cancer Specialist). This is an important recognition that rewards highly specialized senology centers with high-level qualitative standards.

Eusoma measures the quantitative aspects of the services provided by the Senology Center. Plus, it monitors the quality of each step the patients follow. From the diagnosis to the follow-up.

The Senology Center, guided by Doctor Corrado Tinterri and one among the first few Centers in Italy, obtained its first Eusoma certification in 2010.

“Relying on a Breast Unit for the treatment of breast cancer guarantees to the patients an integrated approach, with a significant impact in terms of life expectancy. In fact, many studies demonstrated that women who are treated in these certified units, are 18% more likely to survive the disease”, as Doctor Wolfgang Gatzemeier, Deputy Director of the Breast Unit at Humanitas, explains.

The centrality of the patient

“Each patient, with her history and her needs, is at the core of our work. We guarantee a multidisciplinary clinical approach, characterized by a continued collaboration and a fruitful exchange between the involved specialists. Also, Breast Nurses and, if necessary, psychologists are there to care for the patients.

Information, communication and awareness are our keywords. Therefore, we want patients to feel supported in every step needed to fight the disease. We also want them to know what is happening to them. To be aware of their situation and which care options they have at their disposal. A diagnosis of cancer has a severe impact on the life of patients, both physically and psychologically. We think it is important to make them feel in control and aware of what is going to happen. Our goal is to make the Breast Unit a reference point for each patient, whenever they have questions or needs”, Doctor Gatzemeier tells us.

The role of technology keeps being a mainstay. Advanced technology makes better results possible. It helps patients and makes the waiting periods shorter in case they need an urgent surgery.

The Graduate Patient

On Saturday 14th October 2017, Humanitas will host the seventh edition of the Graduate Patient. A day for women with or without breast cancer. This is a special event, revolving around patients that tell their stories and act as witnesses for other women.

As Doctor Gatzemeier points out, “This event fully involves the participating women and patients and thus, it is organized year after year”.